Do you accept U.S. live trading accounts?

We do not accept U.S. live accounts at this time.

If I’m from the U.S. can I still participate in the live trading room or other educational offerings?

Yes.  There are no restrictions.

I cannot login to xStation and/or xMobile 

Your password is case sensitive, make sure you are typing it correctly. You can also copy and paste to ensure accuracy.

I can login, but I cannot place a trade

Your account is not yet enabled for trading. We are waiting for certain documents from you.

I cannot find MetaTrader 4. Do you offer this platform for trading?

We have temporarily discontinued MT4.

What position sizes can I trade with HelpYouTradeFX?

HelpYouTradeFX offers trading in Standard Lots (100k), Mini Lots (10k) and Micro Lots (1k)

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?

There is no minimum deposit to open an account with HelpYouTradeFX.

Can I really receive € 100 (EUR) just for opening an account?

Yes, new clients will receive a €100 account bonus automatically just for opening an account. No initial deposit required!* Once the account is approved for trading, clients can use the bonus funds to trade without restrictions.

Can I trade CFDs with HelpYouTradeFX?

Yes, HelpYouTradeFX offers CFDs in major commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil and Copper as well as in the major stock indices around the world.

What is the leverage that HelpYouTradeFX provides?

HelpYouTradeFX provides leverage up to 400:1

How can I earn interest on my HelpYouTradeFX account?

By maintaining an account balance of €2000 at the outset of each new quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st), HelpYouTradeFX will pay 5% interest annualized at the end of each quarter (terms and conditions apply).

Is hedging allowed?

Yes, HelpYouTradeFX allows clients to hedge any or all of their positions.

Is scalping allowed?

Yes, scalpers are welcome. HelpYouTradeFX does not place any restrictions on scalping.

*Terms and conditions apply for withdrawing account bonuses. Please contact us for more details.